Something Old, Something New, Something Different

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Motherhood means being fierce and tender all in the same moment. Motherhood means having your heart broken over and over and being willing to do it all again for your beautiful kiddos.

This sweet mama balances life so beautifully. I’ve seen her work, go to school, put great thought into her kids’ lunches, take a genuine interest in things that make her children light up, and still have time for play with her little loves. It was an absolute pleasure being able to photograph this one of a kind “Trash the Dress” session. Her hubby wanted her to enjoy this time with their kiddos and turn the session into something fun. Not many children get to see mama in her wedding dress, where their family’s story began, and it was so beautiful to see them honor their beginnings while incorporating their now.

Never stop laughing, being silly, and getting messy with your little people, mamas!

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